The North Carolina Fencing Development Program ( NCFDP ) was started and directed by UNC
(retired) Head Coach, Ron Miller in 1975.  Duke University Head Coach, Alex Beguinet, first
came to NC and NCFDP from Portland OR, to help with development.. Currently, NCFDP serves
a broader fencing development role for beginning through advanced fencers, and reaches
fencers primarily in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Its purpose is to provide people of all
ages with the opportunity to study and practice fencing.  The Program encourages recreational
fencing and provides training for serious competitors.  Want to learn to fence?  NCFDP has
individual and group lessons.

•        for beginning to advanced fencers
•        for recreational fencers or those who want to fence competitively
•        for fencers aged 8 to 80

NCFDP staff provides beginning fencers with group instruction in foil and intermediate and
advanced fencers with private lessons in any of the three traditional weapons: foil, epee, and
sabre. All students may take private lessons if desired, and have the opportunity to free-fence
with other youth, collegiate, and adult fencers present during the club hours.  There is a $10 floor
fee for drop-in open bouting.  See
'Club Fees' page.

Fencing Club is held for all 3 weapons (foil, epee, and saber) at Fetzer Gym room # 07 on the
campus of the University of North Carolina on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7:00 p.m.  
Club runs from 7 pm to 10 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters and 7 - 9 pm during exams
and summer session.  The club is closed from the end of summer session II until the beginning of
the Fall semester (typically the first three weeks of August).  You may free fence, take beginning  
group lessons on Thursdays, or take private lessons any Tuesday or Thursday evening.

We close on the same holidays as UNC. We also adhere to Orange County School weather
closings. If schools close, we close. If UNC closes, we close. Check NCFDP group
announcements on Facebook for these alerts and other updates:

If you want to register for beginning group lessons for the next session, please email or just come
by!   Beginning group Lessons are on Thursdays
. **Please visit ONLINE CLASSES

Individual lessons and open bouting are on both nights.

In addition, Coach Ron Miller runs a day camp for youth in the summer, the first week after school
is out in June.  

We look forward to hearing from you.   
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