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Camp fee is $350 including
$100 registration deposit
Ages 8 - 17
All NCFDP Fencers
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Please download the Camp Information DOCX for all the
information about our camp and what you need to do to
register with NCFDP CAMP and USA Fencing.  
2019 Camp
07 Fetzer Gym - UNC  280 South Rd
Chapel Hill, NC  27514
Do this FIRST
SIGN UP FOR USA Fencing Membership for your fencer!
USA Fencing Membership is now
REQUIRED for all fencing
campers – ANY CLASS membership is accepted at camp;
there is a $10 membership for Non-competitive which is fine
for campers.  Membership Info:  Click Logo for link
You will get a membership number by email
immediately.  Please add that number to the
Registration form in step 4,
Download and print out the MEDICAL info /
emergency contact info.(Appendix C) FORM.  
Make an appointment with your family physician
to fill out the bottom of the form.  Most will allow
you to drop it off and pick up within a day or two.  
You may mail this in or bring to camp on day 1.
2019 Appen C
Emergency Info
and Medical
Your camper cannot participate
without this signed form.
2019 Camp
Download and print the camp
REGISTRATION, fill it out with ALL
information, including the USA Fencing
Membership number.  Please mail this
ASAP with a $100 deposit.  This will
help us know how may coaches to hire
and best plan for camp.  Thank you!
2019 Appendix B
Camp Release
Download, print and
sign release.  You may
mail it in or bring first
day of camp
FIVE easy steps, and your camper
will be set!  We hope we answer all
your questions in this first step.
Mail REGISTRATION with deposit now
Coach Ron Miller, Ph.D., M.d'A.

Office: 919-962-5221
Cell: 919-475-3273
Home: 919-225-2157
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